For clinics

We may co-operate in one or several ways of listed below:

  • The vitrified donor oocytes (a set of 6-8 vitrified oocytes for one couple reccomemded ) can be exported to your Clinic. Above 400 vitrified oocytes are already created and are available at our Bank and we increase the number of available vitrified oocytes in the Bank on regular basis.
  • Our success rates in 2011 were: morphological survival rate for vitrification is 87%, fertilization rate is 76%, blastocyst outcome is 30%, clinical pregnancy rate is 61%.
  • Frozen semen samples can be shipped to Medical Centre Intersono. The retrieved fresh donor oocytes or thawed vitrified oocytes will be fertilized and the embryos will be frozen at 2pn stage.

Our success rates with fresh donor embryos in 2011 were: clinical pregnancy rate is 71%. This option is more time-consuming (fresh oocytes).